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    Why Choose
    SMS/MMS message marketing?
    It is proved that 90% of text messages received are read within just 1 minute.
    This is more than enough proof that SMS are still one of the best and fastest ways to reach your customers.
    Don’t hesitate to take this privilege and reach your audience with ease and cost effectively.
    Watch your business grow with Rouller SMS services.
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    Improve Your Service with Rouller
    And Reach more Customers!
    Rouller SMS messages will open a whole new world for you, as you will be able to reach
    your customers in a completely different and wide manner.
    This kind of communication will make
    you understand your customers better and make them very close to you.

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From Developers for Developers

Rouller Can Help to any Internet Business Grow

Do you know that online store, app or any online project without SMS interaction is not "trendy" anymore?
Use Rouller’s API to automatically inform customers abouth shipping status change or purchase confirmation, same as for verification, overdue reminders and many more.. It’s so simple as It can be, simply ask your webmaster for implementation Rouller to your project.

API to Send Messages

Most of the app (e-stores) sending automatically emails such as Invoices, Notification etc., now with our remote API you can turn your app to send also SMS messages!

Custom API

We offer API for check acount balance, same as API for Schedule Messages, We can also provides customized API to fit your bussiness needs. Just let us know!

API to Add a Contacts

Allow visitors of your website subscribe to your Rouller list directly on your website thanks to our Remote API. After that you can start sending them SMS/MMS.
Need Help with our APIs? Our IT experts can do API implementation instead of you.

Tools List

Free tools available for any registered user of Rouller

Marketing Lists with Keywords

Rouller includes Keywordbased SMS Marketing list management tool to enable you smoothly run SMS advertisements campaigns.

Excel SMS Plug-in

Get Free excel plug-in that allow you send dynamic and personalized Bulk SMS directly from an excel sheet. Compatible with Excel 2003 – 2007.

Two Way SMS/MMS Messaging

What is 2 Way SMS/MMS Messaging? Rouller simply doesn’t just let you send out messages. Rouller is also platform to receive incoming messages.

Multi-media Message Ready

Rouller now also support MMS messaging, which allow our clients add to any message images, videos or audio file! It’s really so simple!

Importing contacts to Phonebook

Simply allow visitors subscribe to your Rouller list directly on your website or import your CSV or plain text with your phone numbers!

Data Migration tool

Rouller users may use this tool for easy importation of existing customers and other data from other similar service providers.

Became Rouller Reseller!

Grow Your Web or Design Agency simply by adding new service for your clients .......MORE TEXT.............
  • Resellers can create and manage their sub-customers through their reseller portal.
  • Resellers can customize and brand their reseller portals.
  • Customers can register under a reseller through the reseller’s “Allowed Domain”, configurable from the reseller settings page.
  • Resellers can transfer SMS credits to their customers.
  • Resellers can view message history of all their sub-customers.
  • Resellers can provide support to their customers using the integrated Ticket tool.
  • Resellers can login to any of their customer’s account with single click of a button.

Our Customers Love us

  • “Amazing service! My business has a lot more clients since we’ve started using Rouller! Because of you, my sales have gone up three times! Thank you Rouller!”
    Susan H,
    Web Designer
  • “Thank you Rouller and the whole support team. You’ve been excellent all the way. We have almost twice the customers than we had before I found about these services. Thanks!”
    Robert D,
  • “Perfect journey with Rouller. Because of your API my customers are returning much more. This service is a must for sales-targeted businesses.”
    Thomas M,
    Owner of